14 - 17 September 2022 // Nuremberg, Germany
GaLaBau - See you 2022

GaLaBau will resume in Nuremberg in 2022 - no alternative format in 2020

Looking to the future together

In view of the continuing coronavirus pandemic and based on extensive feedback from customers, NürnbergMesse has decided, in close consultation with the Federal Association of Horticulture, Landscaping and Sports Facilities (Bundesverband Garten-, Landschafts- und Sportplatzbau, BGL), not to hold GaLaBau in 2020. We are now looking forward with optimism to GaLaBau 2022 as THE green sector gathering place.

We know: GaLaBau is an experience fair. It draws its vitality from live demonstrations, competitions and the opportunity to touch and try out machines, devices and materials. The level of concern within the sector regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated hygienic and safety measures necessary for a successful GaLaBau is simply too great.

We are certain: After the crisis, the need for in-person interactions, high-quality information, and shared experience will be greater than ever. That’s why GaLaBau, as the leading trade fair for landscaping, maintenance and construction of urban and green spaces and sports grounds, golf courses and playgrounds will continue to offer guidance and make a valuable contribution to your business success in the future.

A small part of the GaLaBau community will still meet in Nuremberg in the autumn: As planned, the popular Landscape Gardener Cup will take place in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg on 17-18 September, but with no public access. The BGL Congress*, the BGL Examination and the Ordinary General Meeting of the Garden Directors’ Conference (GALK)* will be held at the same time. A part of the planned programme will be covered in digital form by the World Urban Parks Conference.
(*Participation for members only)

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Team der GaLaBau in Nürnberg
Statement von Stefan Dittrich, Veranstaltungsleitung GaLaBau

“Shared experiences and in-person interactions will be more important than ever before, and are already lining up for a successful GaLaBau 2022,” observes Stefan Dittrich, Executive Director GaLaBau at NürnbergMesse.
“In the future, we’ll continue to offer all industry participants a green experience fair with lots of room for learning, trying things out and networking. We’re already looking forward to meeting up again with the international green sector here in Nuremberg.”

In the future it is still important to come together to achieve more.

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We are still here for you and at your side

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Current events are creating unprecedented challenges for us all.
The whole world is going through a turbulent period, with dynamics no-one can calculate. COVID-19 is spreading around the world, and we are all being called on to avoid all social contact as much as possible. Health as our highest good is endangered as rarely before and must therefore be protected.

Take care of yourself and stay healthy!

We are already looking forward to our reunion in 2022! After all, we are absolutely convinced that it will remain vital in future for people to gather, meet and interact, so they can achieve more in combination.