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All about GaLaBau

Find out everything you need to know about GaLaBau, the leading international trade fair for the planning, construction and maintenance of urban green and open spaces.

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The leading international trade fair offers everything to do with gardening and landscaping as well as the maintenance and construction of sports fields, playgrounds and golf courses. GaLaBau is the only trade fair in the world to represent the entire range of products and services offered by the industry. Over four days, exhibitors and visitors exchange information on the latest developments in the gardening and landscaping sector.

Range of products and services at GaLaBau

At GaLaBau, the top players in the industry will be providing the answers to tomorrow's questions with their range of products and services for the planning, construction and maintenance of urban, green and open spaces.

  • Construction machinery and equipment
    • Earth-moving
    • Construction of paths and squares, stonework
    • Planting
    • Grassed areas and seeding
    • Measuring and testing
    • Other construction machinery and equipment, special equipment
  • Maintenance machinery and equipment
    • Maintenance of grassed areas
    • Maintenance of wooded areas
    • Maintenance of paths and squares
    • Maintenance of sports grounds with sand, synthetic and synthetic grass surfaces
    • Fertilizing and plant protection
  • Transport
    • Vans, buses, lorries, accessories
    • Trailers, low loaders
    • Unloading systems, containers and other vehicle bodies
    • Loading cranes
    • Dumpers, minidumpers
    • Forklift trucks
    • Handtools
  • Plants, seeds
    • Seeds
    • Turf, seed mats
    • Perennials, bedding plants, bulbs, tubers
    • Trees and shrubs
  • Materials and components for construction and maintenance
    • Materials and components for soils
    • Natural stone for indoor and outdoor use
    • Cast stone for indoor and outdoor use
    • Wood materials for outdoor use
    • Materials and components for irrigation and drainage, aeration
    • Materials and components for tree protection
    • Other materials and components
  • Urban design
    • Equipment for courtyards, gardens, parks and residential streets
    • Traffic, traffic reduction
  • Playgrounds, leisure grounds, sports grounds
    • Equipment for playgrounds
    • Equipment for leisure grounds
    • Equipment for sports grounds
    • Other equipment
    • Design, planning, consulting
    • Installation, maintenance
  • Construction, maintenance and management of golf courses
    • Construction machinery and equipment for golf courses
    • Maintenance machinery and equipment for golf courses
    • Materials, components and plants for golf courses
    • Management, services and equipment for golf courses
  • Specialist sectors
    • Grassing and planting in/on buildings
    • Transplanting of large trees
    • Tree maintenance and surgery
    • Soil regeneration and aeration, amelioration
    • Water handling, flood protection
    • Recultivation of wasteland
    • Anchoring by ecological means
    • Acoustic and visual screens
    • Cemetery equipment
  • Private garden equipment and furniture
    • Garden lighting and heating system
    • Wind and privacy screens, shade systems
    • Pergolas, pavilions and canopies, garden studios
    • Outdoor sound systems, loudspeakers
    • Garden and patio equipment, furniture, decorations and ornaments
    • Water features, fountain stones and systems
    • Outdoor kitchens
    • Garden grills, barbecues, smokers
    • Art and sculptures
    • Planters
    • Outdoor whirlpools, outdoor saunas, welllness
    • Pools and pool accessories
    • Swimming ponds, ornamental ponds
    • Other equipment
  • Recycling, disposal, environmental protection for workshops and building sites
    • Recycling and disposal of waste
    • Environmental protection
  • Building sites, depots
    • Trailers, containers, toilets
    • Works transport and storage
    • Tools, workshop equipment
    • Work clothes, industrial safety
    • Other equipment for building sites, depots
  • Organization, administration, services
    • Data processing, telecommunications, multimedia
    • Advertising, marketing
    • Books, magazines, literature
    • Consulting, planning, test stations
    • Organization, administration, services
  • Associations, organizations
    • Associations
    • Organizations
    • Training
    • Consulting
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GaLaBau at a glance

Where? Exhibition Centre Nuremberg
When? Every two years


Opening times

Wednesday, 11 September 2024: 9:00 – 18:00
Thursday, 12 September 2024: 9:00 – 18:00
Friday, 13 September 2024: 9:00 – 18:00
Saturday, 14 September 2024: 9:00 – 16:00

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Success story

Since its founding in 1974, GaLaBau has continuously developed and become more international. Thanks to the unique range of products and services, the top-quality  supporting programme, and its experience character, GaLaBau has established itself as the leading trade fair for the gardening and landscaping sector.

Together with the Bundesverband Garten-, Landschafts- und Sportplatzbau e. V. (BGL), the concept of GaLaBau will continue to be worked on in the future.  Consequently, the industry will continue to be offered a platform for innovations and trends in the fields of gardening and landscaping as well as the maintenance and construction of sports fields, playgrounds and golf courses.