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Media downloads

If you are a media representative looking for images, logos or media for your coverage of GaLaBau you will find everything in one place here.

Images from GaLaBau for editorial coverage

Publication is free of charge. As a source, please use the author indicated in the photo. We would be delighted to receive a specimen copy.
All photos, images, graphics and video files are protected by copyright and ancillary copyright. Unless NürnbergMesse expressly grants the user permission for something else, the following applies: use is permitted exclusively for the creation of advertising and information coverage about and for the event. Any other use, especially the passing on of the materials to third parties free of charge or in return for a fee, is expressly prohibited.

Download services

For your editorial coverage, we offer logos, banners and other media for download in the download service. Publication in your articles, brochures, online communication channels, etc. is free of charge. We would be delighted to receive a specimen copy.
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Accreditation for GaLaBau

You are welcome to obtain accreditation as a media representative for journalistic coverage of the event. We look forward to seeing you!

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Press releases for GaLaBau

News and current information on GaLaBau - find all the important information for your reporting in the press releases!