10-point check: Are you really thinking and acting digitally?
9/8/2022 Experts Know-how

10-point check: Are you really thinking and acting digitally?

At first sight, the title of this checklist might sound a bit strange. But the fact is that the term “digitalisation” leaves a lot of room for interpretation. This is also because many protagonists are simply not thinking far enough outside the box.


The various digital “stakeholders” don’t make the whole process any easier. From the perspective of the digital doomsayer, your only “chance of survival” is to completely reinvent your company. The digital minimalist delights in simply adding a time-tracking module to their server-based solution. The digital pragmatist is content merely to have a website that meets the minimum requirements of an increasingly digital-savvy customer base. The digital realist is happy if cloud services in their company are being used at least part of the time. And the digital optimist focuses a lot on the detail, examines and scrutinises at length, and then selectively implements digitalisation.

Although this is all “nice to have”, it has little or nothing to do with what digitalisation is all about. What we do need are digital enthusiasts, who take a holistic approach to digitalisation.

Simply go through the following 10 points to determine if you really are thinking and acting digitally.

1. In my case, the joy of experimentation and rational consideration of digitalisation outweigh my instinctive scepticism, adherence to traditional approaches and excessive caution.
2. The “brains” at my company are capable of digitally dovetailing operational and strategic tasks.
3. I regard the timetable for digitalisation as a guide for our business activities.
4. In our company there is an awareness of the importance of comprehensive data gathering from all fields of activity and their continuous evaluation.
5. In our company the workplace culture sees the open exchange of knowledge and information as a given.
6. At our company, ALL company-related digital applications are realised with/via/by the internet (cloud).
7. At our company we practice “mobile first”. This means that mobile devices are part of the company’s “nerve centre”, while the PC is used as a “second screen”.
8. All participants in the company’s success (employees, customers, business partners etc.) are connected digitally with one another.
9. At our company, all data, information and knowledge from all areas of activity are not “hidden” in silos but are automatically generated, used, put into mutual context and evaluated, and made freely accessible to everyone.
10. Our customers are digitally “transparent” and of course, GDRP-compliant!

So, how many of the 10 checklist questions could you answer with a “yes”? All of them? Well done!

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All recordings from the forum Digitalisation@GaLaBau – Digital Practice Live in Action are available in the playlist on the GaLaBau YouTube channel.