KüKo Technology: highly efficient TELEFLEX snow ploughs
9/8/2022 Newcomer

KüKo Technology: highly efficient TELEFLEX snow ploughs

Winter snow clearing has never been so efficient, flexible and safe. Says Friedrich Kübler ( pictured), who, together with his business partner Thomas Kotzmann, offers the TELEFLEX snow clearing blades.

"Made in Sigmaringen" is the proud motto on the KüKo-Technik website. All the work involved in developing and assembling the TELEFLEX snow ploughs is carried out on site. This pleases Friedrich Kübler, who is one of the company's two managing directors. "Our products are developed with a direct practical relevance," he says. "I've been the owner of a caretaker service since 2007. When I took on a winter maintenance job on a 2.5-hectare university campus in the 2010/2011 season, I was very annoyed that I had to constantly rebuild my clearing equipment. This is because there are very different paths with very different widths on the site that need to be cleared of snow."

"So I thought about how the work could be optimised," Friedrich Kübler recalls. "The idea of an adjustable plough blade was born. When I met Thomas Kotzmann in 2018, we kicked off together and launched our product on the market in 2020. Since then, our company has developed very positively. We have now tripled our annual turnover."

To illustrate: the width of a TELEFLEX snow blade can be increased by up to 70 per cent. This means that a blade with a width of 1.25 metres can be continuously extended to a width of up to 2.05 metres. "Time savings of up to two thirds can be achieved when clearing mixed areas, which are often maintained by landscape gardeners in winter," emphasises Friedrich Kübler. "We established this by clearing similar snow-covered reference areas with both conventional and our blades." KüKo-Technik currently offers three adjustable snow ploughs of different widths.

"Our development work continues," says Friedrich Kübler, looking to the future. "In addition to hydraulic width adjustment, we are currently also planning an electromechanical drive." The 51-year-old can draw on extensive experience in his work. After finishing secondary school, he completed a commercial vocational college and then became a mechanical engineering technician. Having been employed for a short time, he decided early on to become self-employed and worked in the fields of infrared technology, biogas plant construction and special machine construction. In 2007, he opened the caretaker service. Friedrich Kübler can also often be found at the company at weekends. "I simply enjoy my work immensely."

KüKo-Technik is one of the exhibitors at the joint stand for young innovative companies. This is sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK) and is aimed at newcomers and start-ups from Germany. At GaLaBau, the leading International Trade Fair for Urban Green and Open Spaces (www.galabau-messe.com), from 14 to 17 September 2022, over 20 companies will be exhibiting in Hall 3C.