Plantobelly: professional moisture monitoring of plants
8/16/2022 Newcomer

Plantobelly: professional moisture monitoring of plants

Bastian Klemke (photo) and his business partner Christian Hahn are
classic career changers in the gardening and landscaping sector. "I have
sales and project management experience," says Bastian Klemke. "And
my colleague is a qualified mathematician and physicist." Together, the
two have developed Plantobelly, a system for professional moisture monitoring of street trees, urban greenery and agricultural areas. The company is based in Lübeck.

"Measuring just 7 x 7 x 4 centimetres, completely ready for installation and installed in the ground in just ten minutes." This is how 44-year-old Bastian Klemke describes the advantages of the sensor box from Plantobelly. This box contains the transmitter unit and battery. Connected to it is a 60-centimetre-long probe cable, at the end of which is the measuring probe. Because the product is completely covered with soil, it is optimally protected against vandalism.

The Plantobelly sensors are available in two versions: On the one hand, there is Pantobelly L for integration into existing LoRaWAN wireless networks. Plantobelly N, on the other hand, uses NB-IoT technology for self-sufficient use, which is then possible independently of electricity and the internet. "Because networks are a new field of work for many users in the green sector, we naturally provide support when questions arise and also assist with integration into the SmartCity platforms of cities and municipalities," says Bastian Klemke, explaining his approach.

Thanks to the Plantobelly web service, all measured data is available at any time. The humidity values are archived together with the local weather data. The progression of moisture changes is displayed graphically. This allows users - for example, municipal greenery managers or owners of tree nurseries - to plan the next watering in advance. Particularly practical: active warning e-mails are sent in the event of an acute threat of drought.

Of course, Bastian Klemke also has plans for the future. "We want to further develop Plantobelly in consultation with our users. For me, this also includes the integration of artificial intelligence."

Plantobelly was founded in 2021 and is gradually becoming better known in the landscaping industry. "In May of this year, we exhibited at the German Tree Care Days in Augsburg," says Bastian Klemke. "We received very positive feedback there. Now we are looking forward to Nuremberg and are already excited about addressing an even broader specialist audience."

Plantobelly is one of the exhibitors at the joint stand for young innovative companies. This is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK) and is aimed at newcomers and start-ups from Germany. At GaLaBau, the Leading International Trade Fair for Urban Green and Open Spaces (, from 14 to 17 September 2022, over 20 companies will be exhibiting in Hall 3C.