Premiere of Digitalisation@GaLaBau Forum at GaLaBau 2022
7/12/2022 Experts Know-how

Premiere of Digitalisation@GaLaBau Forum at GaLaBau 2022

The Digitalisation@GaLaBau Forum took place for the first time from 14–17 September 2022 at GaLaBau 2022 in Nuremberg. Courtesy of more than 30 presentations and four expert panels, trade fair visitors gained insights into the positive impacts of digitalisation on a company’s efficiency and productivity.


Digitalisation – best practice examples

A major highlight of the Digitalisation@GaLaBau Forum was the practical advice provided by professionals from the gardening and landscaping sector and other trades. In 30-minute one-on-one interviews, they provided insights into the digital strategies and solutions they have implemented in their own businesses that could be adopted by other companies. They also talked about what customers expect meanwhile from digitalised companies. In particular, visitors gained a vivid impression of how these digital companies work with the systems they have installed.

Digitalisation specialists also provided input to the discussions and explained the structured approaches that also facilitate successful digital transformation in gardening and landscaping companies – from the initial idea to the planning and implementation of a targeted solution. A key factor in this context is internal connectivity, e.g., between employees, teams and departments. Another is the networking of machines, workpieces and systems. And then there are the networked customers that use the products and services. Ultimately, digital connectivity also brings the prospect of the low-paper tradesman’s office a little bit closer.

The more consistently this is implemented by a firm, the better it can consolidate its position in the market. If you cannot collect information and/or evaluate it systematically, and (therefore) do not recognise correlations, you are obscuring your view of opportunities.

Digitalisation in the landscaping and gardening sector – a practical approach

The forum also featured demonstrations of exhibits from the digital environment, including an exoskeleton that reduces fatigue by relieving the strain on the body during bending and lifting. This not only improves efficiency but keeps you healthy! The demonstration of a virtual reality and augmented reality system was designed to show that VR and AR are not just useful for impressing your customers. This digital technology can also be used to significantly improve the training and professional development of skilled tradespeople in any discipline and make it more economical and flexible. The forum also presented a solution for timekeeping, order planning and digital construction files that simplifies the daily work routine. Errors become a thing of the past, while reliable documentation and data make projects transparent and processes fully traceable at all times.

During the last session at the end of each day, digital pioneers from the skilled trade segment and digitalisation specialists came together with experts on technology, business and science to discuss from various perspectives the concrete opportunities that cutting-edge digital technology will create in the future for businesses of all sizes and in all trade segments.

All recordings from the forum Digitalisation@GaLaBau – Digital Practice Live in Action are available in the playlist on the GaLaBau YouTube channel.