TOSSTEC: The authentic natural pool robot
9/6/2022 Newcomer

TOSSTEC: The authentic natural pool robot

At the end of 2013, Torsten Reuß founded his company TOSSTEC and launched his first products on the market in spring 2015. Since then, his sales figures have risen by upto 30 percent every year. "We are growing continously, and we want to become the market leader in the robotic cleaning segment for natural pools," he says confidently and currently supplies customers throughout Europe.

Headquartered in Dettingen unter Teck, south of Stuttgart, the TOSSTEC product range is based on a modular concept. It offers manual cleaning devices that can be upgraded to fully automatic cleaning robots, depending on the model. The robots can be conveniently set up and controlled from the patio using an app - the connection to the smartphone is established via Bluetooth. Equipped with cameras and sensors, they analyse the geometry of a natural pool and then calculate the optimum cleaning route. This method of operation makes the robots significantly more energy efficient.

"We are constantly developing and optimising our cleaning robots," emphasises the 52-year-old. "Our users regularly receive software updates that continuously improve the cleaning logic of the devices." The company capitalises on its own expertise, but also uses the experience of its customers.

Torsten Reuß takes the opportunity on many occasions in the industry to emphasise the importance of proper planning of natural pool systems. He says: "A swimming pond that can be cleaned effectively with a robot does not necessarily have to look streamlined. But it definitely makes sense before the construction phase to consider how the swimming area will be automatically kept clean by the robot later on." The trained mechanical engineer believes that it makes sense for floors and steps under the water surface to be of a minimum size. "Because a robot can only travel along them and regularly remove the debris if these features are wide enough."

TOSSTEC is one of the exhibitors at the joint stand for young innovative companies. This is funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK) and is aimed at newcomers and start-ups from Germany. At GaLaBau, the leading international trade fair for urban green and open spaces (, from 14 to 17 September 2022, over 20 companies will be exhibiting in Hall 3C.