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Are you one of the pioneers in the green sector, working together to move into the future climate-ready? Are your products and services positively related to climate adaptation? Learn everything about your participation in the GREEN-BLUE PATH.

THE GREEN-BLUE PATH: Working together for a climate friendly future

The sometimes drastic consequences of climate change have long been a reality. The green sector is showing great commitment here and is making an active contribution in many areas of gardening and landscaping.

Are you one of the pioneers of the green sector in order to move together into the future in a climate-friendly way?

As an exhibitor at GaLaBau 2024, you can emphasize this pioneering role by participating in the GREEN-BLUE PATH. Your products and services are positively related to climate adaptation? Present these products and solutions by participating in the GREEN-BLUE PATH.

What is the GREEN-BLUE PATH?

The GREEN-BLUE PATH is not a set path. Visitors can choose to visit the participating stations of the GREEN-BLUE PATH according to their own preferences. In this way, each visitor follows his or her own individual path. The participants of the GREEN-BLUE PATH selected by the jury will receive communicative support from NürnbergMesse.
Participation in the GREEN-BLUE PATH is neither an award ceremony nor a prize. This gives exhibitors the opportunity to position themselves climate-friendly with their green-blue solutions at GaLaBau 2024.

How can you become part of the GREEN-BLUE PATH?

Send us your application now and submit your products and solutions for evaluation by our expert jury! If the jury's assessment is positive, you will be admitted as a participant in the GREEN-BLUE PATH.

The expert jury focuses, for example, on criteria relating to the durability, manufacture and application of the product or solution. The criteria must always be seen in relation to the product group. The top priority is that the product or service contributes to a green-blue solution.

Criteria in detail:

The top priority is that the product / service contributes to a green-blue solution.
  • Longevity of the product / service
    • Longevity of the product / service
  • Environmentally friendly production of the product / service

    • Low energy requirement
    • Energy efficiency
    • Use of enviromentally friendly / recyclable / recycled materials (recyclability)
    • Low water consumption / responsible use of water
  • Environmentally friendly use of the product / service
    • Low energy consumption
    • Energy efficiency
    • Blue aspects (maintaining the water cycle, storage capacity, permeability)
  • Especially for machines

    • Low emissions
    • Low pollutants
    • Low noise
    • High battery quality 

Note: The respective criteria must always be viewed in relation to the product group.


The expert jury

  • Mario Kahl, Bund Deutscher Landschaftsarchitekt:innen (bdla)
  • Knut Weidenhammer, Service Öffentlicher Raum (SÖR) / Stadt Nürnberg

  • Tjards Wendebourg, Verlag Eugen Ulmer

  • Dr. Michael Henze, Bundesverband Garten-, Landschafts- und Sportplatzbau (BGL)

  • Stefan Dittrich, NürnbergMesse

As a participant of the GREEN-BLUE PATH you will benefit from various marketing activities:

  • BeachFlags according to the stand size on site on the stand area.
  • Digital information about the GREEN-BLUE PATH on all monitors in the entrances and at the walkways to the exhibition halls on site.
  • Marking in the hall layout plans and in the Exhibitor Directory of the printed Trade Fair Guide.
  • Labelling in the GaLaBau 2024 exhibitor and product database.
  • Promotion of the GREEN-BLUE PATH in the social networks used for the GaLaBau 2024 and in press and visitor marketing campaigns.
  • Visit to the exhibitor's stand as part of the guided tours conducted on site.

The organizer also reserves the right to label and promote the GREEN-BLUE PATH in various marketing activities at the venue. The participation fee is 2,000 euros (plus VAT).

Application deadline for the second jury session is 15 March 2024.

Contact for inquiries

Marie Gantikow

Marie Gantikow


Focus on maintenance machinery and equipment and international startups +49 9 11 86 06 - 85 75
Stephanie Mangold-Gencel

Stephanie Mangold-Gencel


Focus on materials and components, plants, urban design and private garden equipment and furniture +49 9 11 86 06 - 81 74
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Nela Adzic


Focus on playgrounds, sports grounds, construction machinery and equipment, transport, building sites and depots +49 9 11 86 06 - 81 06