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  • Cast stone for outdoor use


  • Cast stone for outdoor use
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GDM.KLIMASTEIN, a Generation 4.0 ecological surfacing, combines everything which we developed in 40years about sustainability and climate change mitigation. The patented system provides answers to the most urgent questions in urban planning and has a degree of evaporation like a meadow. This stone infiltrates water on site while permanently filtering traffic-related pollutants from stormwater, thus protecting groundwater. It can store water, evaporate at the soil surface, and improve air quality by breaking down nitrogen oxides. It actively cools the overheated urban environment by evaporation.

Flash floods, heat islands and water shortages endanger our cities. Built-up and sealed surfaces must make their contribution to a positive urban climate. With the GDM.KLIMASTEIN, soil can be reclaimed as a natural resource and traffic areas can become urban climate oases: the heaviest rainfall events do not lead to flooding, water is temporarily stored on site and made available to the trees and is evaporated. Polluted stormwater runoff is treated and recharges groundwater. The climate stone evaporates rainwater and cools the surrounding area. In addition, the three-layer stone is a fully recyclable product according to the cradle-to-cradle principle.

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