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About us

HEN AG, founded in 1999, emerged from a sole proprietorship that had been active in the field of “technology for the maintenance and care of forest and field roads” since 1995.

Today HEN AG employs over 20 people.

At the company headquarters in Steinheim-Höpfigheim - the first company building was built in 2000, an expansion in the form of a production hall took place in 2011 - complete system applications, machines and devices are developed and constructed.

HEN's more than 20 years of experience guarantees practical, innovative and economical solutions for a wide range of applications.

HEN AG deals with three business areas.

HEN technology

The origin and therefore the oldest business area are technical solutions for the economical maintenance and care of forest and field roads as well as special solutions in road construction.

Today, with HEN Technology you not only receive your own planning and constructions with CAD, but also targeted special solutions based on customer requirements, project planning and development.

Over the years, more and more tasks and therefore machines have been added, so that today a complete product range of equipment for path and road maintenance can be offered.

What we cannot manufacture ourselves is manufactured in our local area by long-standing suppliers in order to ensure short distances and equally short transport journeys. The machines are assembled exclusively here in the Steinheim factory.

From technology for cycling and hiking trails to machines in road construction.

HEN vehicle technology

Since 1998, HEN AG has been responsible for the nationwide representation of the Bonetti company, a leading manufacturer of compact all-wheel drive special vehicles, with what is now the HEN Vehicle Technology business unit.

Another important area in HEN vehicle technology is HEN electromobility. Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly important as an alternative. That's why we at HEN AG represent electric transport solutions from Esagono Energia. An important part of electromobility in the commercial vehicle sector is optimal coordination and advice together with the customer so that they are later satisfied with their vehicle and can carry out the necessary work.

In the area of ​​vehicle technology, we can also offer our customers (mainly municipalities and industry) a complete product range for work in the municipal or industrial sector. Here too, the trend is moving towards system solutions in order to be able to carry out the work required even more effectively and economically.

As a body partner for Mercedes-Benz Truck and Special Truck, we offer various attachments and bodies for the Unimog. From the complete hook lift system (roll-off container system) to watering systems, professional leaf loading blowers to path and road construction machines, we offer technology adapted to the Unimog. With the help of our CAD and the Mercedes-Benz body portal, we are able to carry out measurements on the frame, checks of body dimensions and axle load calculations for a safe and optimally usable body.

HEN factory representatives

HEN factory representatives has been active since the beginning of 2012 and is therefore the youngest of the three divisions. We at HEN AG have taken over the nationwide representation for heavy tillage equipment and the extension mowers from Bruni as a factory representative. There are also sweepers from bema, mowing and mulching devices from Votex and our in-house HEN foliage technology.

There are product specialists for each of these 3 business areas to ensure optimal advice for customers.

Sustainability, reliability and trust are the hallmarks of our company. Continuous further development and the search for economic optimization of work processes are motivation for the entire HEN team, always with the advantage for the customer in mind.

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